LVPA Survival Guide

Anonymous asked: Can you bring a macbook to school and use it for notes, essays, homework, etc?

Depends on the teacher to be honest. I never was allowed to until my senior year but things may have changed,

Anonymous asked: No haha, at public schools before the year starts we get a list of what we need for our academic classes specifically. Such has what kind of binders if any (in inches), if any.. Folders and same with how much paper. Each class has a different amount. You know? Like how MANY binders to get for math or English and so on.

Um haha you don’t need to be told that. Just get whatever you need, use common sense. They don’t baby you.

Anonymous asked: Noo I mean do thy send you a list of what you need to bring for the whole year for certain classes. And stuff like that.

Can you be more specific? For academic classes you only need normal supplies like a notebook and folder and pens/pencils. Are you asking about your major specifically?

Anonymous asked: I did! 😂 once. I forget what I asked.

Haha oh okay. Nice to have you here, nonetheless.

Anonymous asked: Do you get told what to bring on the first day? (Folders, binders, how many)

I would just bring a notebook, folder, and a pen/pencil. I usually don’t even need the notebook, but it’s nice to have to write down little things. Folder for syllabi. Of course, bring all of your summer work for the first day.

Anonymous asked: I also I ask like half of the questions on this page haha. I appreciate you making this page it helped me out a ton!

It’s good to hear it! Thanks for asking, I’m sure there are other people reading them that had the same questions. You should come off anon sometime!

Anonymous asked: Make a new What you can and can't wear list! Your old one just said don't dress like a whore basically. Make an actual one! Haha

Unfortunately for LVPA, there is still a dress code. #frustrated

It basically says that you can’t wear anything offensive or super revealing or dangerous. And no kilts. You can wear flip flops with the stem through the shoe and you can wear shorts and you can wear spaghetti straps. 

I have changed my stance on the whole concept of what people “should and shouldn’t” wear, as it’s really and truly an offensive thing for me to say. 

If you have something more specific or I didn’t answer what you wanted, please send another message!

Anonymous asked: By the way, I've been asking you a lot of questions as an incoming freshman and I just wanted to say thank you for responding to my questions and everyone else's. I really appreciate it.

Awe thank you! It’s what I’m here for. :)

Anonymous asked: I'm kind of scared that on the first day I won't sit with anyone at lunch because I'm actually shy and kinda bad at making friends. Do you have any tips?

If you’re shy, it’s usually because you care about what others think of you. You will have academic classes in the morning before lunch, and you will make at least one friend. If not (and it’s completely normal and okay if you don’t) just look around and find someone you think looks interesting and ask if you can sit down. 9 times out of 10 they will say yes. If not, please don’t be disheartened, they may just be saving a seat for someone else or also be feeling shy themselves, just pick up and plop somewhere else. 

Before my freshman year began, I started Facebook stalking my new classmates (sorry for those of my friends who follow this blog lmao it’s true) and struck up conversations about random crap or just freaked out about the fact that we were going to LVPA. Then I found them on the first day and was able to talk to them in person. 

Anonymous asked: Can you dye your hair un-mutual colors? Or is it a school rule that you can only do mutual colors.

Mutual? You can dye your hair whatever color your heart desires. If you’re a theater, dance, or music kid I would suggest waiting a few months and maybe asking a teacher just to make sure - it’s very common for vocal kids to dye hair weird colors and then dye it back to a “normal” color for a concert.