LVPA Survival Guide

Anonymous asked: I've been accepted as a theatre major for junior year! How difficult is it to get into the AP English course?

Depends on your individual situation, like your grades coming in. I’d discuss it with your guidance counselor before classes start, maybe send an email or call to make an appointment this school year. Congrats on your acceptance!

Anonymous asked: Are the teachers nice? because when I went to the placement testing, they seemed alittle mean and as if they didnt really care.

Haha no one likes placement testing, it’s not you. The teachers are amazing, and you will grow to love them immensely!

Anonymous asked: How big are the lockers? Are they assigned by major? and Do you keep it for all four years?

Lockers are a decent size, I’d say 3 feet tall, 1 foot deep and 1 foot wide. They are assigned by major and then in alphabetical order. No, you get a new locker every year.

Anonymous asked: i want to audition for LVPA. i'm going into high school next year so yeah. i want to get a theatre major. what are auditions like? are the people nice or mean? how would you get there if you live in Pleasant Valley area?

Your first question has already been answered a thousand times, I’m sure you can find it somewhere down the scrollys of this blog. As for the niceness of the people - it varies. I’ve never had any disagreements with people that I can remember, which means that most people were nice. You do run into some drama, but if you’re nice, you’ll get nice back, simple. People from Pleasant Valley carpool with others from the area.


Anonymous asked: What are music theory classes like? What do you learn, and what songs or types of music do you study?

There are 5 levels of theory offered - 1, 2, 3, 4, and AP.

Theory 1) basic theory and aural skills, like key signatures, modes, interval identification, basic melodic dictation. 

Theory 2) theory 1 but more in-depth: introduces the circle of fifths, moves on to more advanced melodic dictations and begins harmonic dictation, introduces more advanced types of theory like secondary functions and begins discussing the basics of part writing.

Theory 3) really focused on four part writing and chord types, and you get more into sight singing. 

Theory 4) I had this class with Mr. Eicher, and he taught it more of in a jazzy/composition based way. I thought it was really fun, but if you’re looking for more classical theory, try and do extra well each year and score a seat in AP.

AP Theory) I never took this, personally, so I asked a friend what he remembers learning: “basically functional progressions and hierarchy of triads and 7th chords, part writing them, cadences and non chord tones, and some phrase structure. Theory II does more phrase structure, form, melodic organization/analysis, secondary dominants, secondary leading-tones (and part writing them), modulation, and altered chords.”

The classes themselves are run like any other classroom setting, you should always have a pencil, no food or drink (besides water bottles) in classrooms - especially near pianos!!!!!!!!!!!. You will have homework, and you should really try and practice your sight singing outside of class so you don’t totally suck in front of everyone. 

I’m assuming you’re going into vocal because you asked about songs: the curriculum for voice has been covered in another post, so you can try and go back and find that, it goes into more detail.

Freshman - English art song/English folk songs

Sophomore - Italian arias/gospel

Junior - German art songs / French art songs

Senior - opera/broadway/senior performance

You study those types of music in your Vocal Technique classes. As for other types of music, you have a music history class each year. Freshman year is Antiquity through Baroque, sophomore year is Classical, junior year is Romantic, and senior year is 20th Century.


sachioasis asked: I just got my acceptance letter. Im a current freshmen, and next year im gonna be a vocal major!

Many congratulations for you my dear!! I hope you have the best three years of your life. :) Make sure you keep me updated on how things are going for you!

Anonymous asked: What are the teachers in the theatre department like?



I was in the music department, I can’t really answer that one for you. I can try to ask some theatre majors and get back to you on that.

When you first start out they can come off kinda strict and scary but they really aren’t. By the time you reach senior year the theatre teachers will be some of your best friends.

Thanks Danielle!

Anonymous asked: What are the teachers in the theatre department like?

I was in the music department, I can’t really answer that one for you. I can try to ask some theatre majors and get back to you on that.

Anonymous asked: Are there any film classes, like as an elective?

No, as of right now LVPA does not offer electives.

Anonymous asked: How do you not worry for a whole month to wait for the letters to come in?

Just know that it’ll be over soon! Keep trying to get better at what you do.