LVPA Survival Guide

Picture Day!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is picture day! Remember, these pictures will not only go in the Yearbook, but also on your Student IDs. There will also be a greenroom meeting tomorrow morning.


Anonymous asked: How do you deal with homework stress???

Plan, plan and plan! I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how if I plan to cram or plan to do non-stop homework for a day or so, I feel better about it and more accomplished because I’ve planned for it to happen!

Do whatever works for you - keep a planner (like the one given to you at school), a notebook, or even an app, and write down all the homework you have to do and also what other activities you have (like work or practices or friend time). Knowing the exact assignments you need to complete will help with the stress - you’ll only stress when you know you have a lot!


Hello Everyone!

Hi! I’m Nico Gonzalez, and I’m going to be a Junior Theatre Major. I’m going to try to help out as much as I can on this blog. If you have any questions for me about transitioning into LVPA, some of the school rules, anything really, feel free to ask. You can friend me on Facebook ( . Feel free to come up to me the first day with and introduce yourself, or if you need help with anything. I’ll be wearing a bright red blazer. Hope you all have a great first day!


New School Year

I wanted to wish everyone who will be attending LVPA/Charter Arts for the 2014-2015 school year the best of luck in all you do! Remember that your education is in your hands, and it’s up to you to change the world


Friendly reminder that I am now 2 years removed from LVPA and all that goes on, and a lot has changed! I am still looking for someone (preferably an upperclassman) to help me mediate this blog. Please e-mail me at with your name and why you think you would be good at managing this blog to be considered! 

Anonymous asked: do you think that certain majors can be clique-ier than others?

Honestly, don’t worry about cliques. You will find friends. It is still a high school, and there will be some people who are better friends with others than with you, but if you’re nice and sweet and you aim to be friends with everyone you will come out on top and with life-long friends!

Anonymous asked: What do you do at new student orientation?

You kinda tour the school and check out the classrooms and see some stuff around the school. Not too much of a big deal, but it is a big help if you’ve never been to the school before.

Anonymous asked: What's the hardest class you've taken

Probably Calc Honors.

Anonymous asked: You graduated?

I did! I will be starting my sophomore year of college in a few weeks.